There will be two exams in this course.The midterm exam will take place during class time on the day scheduled. The final exam will take place according to the schedule set by the University of Wisconsin.

The midterm exam may include multiple choice, identification, short answer and essay assignments. They will include material from lecture and the required readings. The final exam will be mostly not cumulative. About 75% of the final will be like the midterm, concerning material covered after the midterm. However, it also will include an essay question or two that ask students to draw from big ideas from across the course.

Make-up exam policy: To take a make-up exam, notify your TA in advance and provide documentation of the reason for your absence. Only in extreme cases can exams be made up without prior notification.

There will be 5 quizzes during the course of the semester. These will be written by the TAs, and given during sections. However, no two sections’ quizzes will be exactly the same! The quizzes will be about key concepts from the readings and lecture, and (major) current events in the news. Grade breakdown will be about 50/50 between these topics. Each quiz is worth 1 point.

Short Writing Assignments
At 5 times during the semester, students will be asked to  write a brief response to current events and/or concept from lecture. These prompts will come from the professor, and will ask the students to give an opinion, offer a story, or otherwise contribute something to that space. Short writing assignments will typically be 500 words, due within one week of the prompt, and worth 1 point.

Active participation in section–contributing to discussions in informed and substantive ways–will be assessed by TAs. This component of the grade is worth 5 points.

Extra Credit 
Students may earn up to 2.0 points of extra credit, accrued in .5-unit increments. Extra credit opportunities will be announced throughout the semester; usually, they will be invitations to participate in research studies being conducted by graduate students and faculty members in the School of Journalism Mass Communication. 

In order to obtain extra credit for participating in studies (.5 point for each study), 1) take part in the study and 2) keep a log which includes the date you participated in the study and 2-3 sentences describing what the study was about and your thoughts about the experience. You will need to turn in your extra credit log to your TA at the end of the semester. 

If you do not wish to take part in these studies, you can still earn extra credit by attending presentation about the studies. If you attend these alternative presentations, you will still need to keep a log that contains the date of your attendance and 2-3 sentences describing what you learned. (You can only earn extra credit for doing the study OR going to the presentation about the study – not both.)