FAQ media analysis essay#1

1. Could you explain the main question we have to answer for Essay #1 in further detail?
The assignment is asking whether you think U.S. media are biased or people’s perception is biased, with hostile media phenomenon theory as the underlying framework. So it is basically asking whether you think hostile media phenomenon holds as an appropriate explanation (in which case you’d be arguing that U.S. media are NOT biased, or at least are NOT biased to the extent that it is perceived now, and it is the people’s PERCEPTION about the media that is biased) or not (in which case you’d be arguing that U.S. MEDIA are ACTUALLY biased and NOT necessarily people’s PERCEPTION about the media that is biased).
One precaution is that, this assignment is NOT A NEWS ANALYSIS assignment: you’re not doing content analysis of the actual news articles to make a case of whether or not media are biased. You’re evaluating (and using) the interview data and authoritative sources as the major supporting evidence for your argument about the hostile media phenomenon.

2. What if I don’t have any friends with strong liberal or conservative political ideologies?
The interviewees don’t necessarily have to be friends. You can interview relatives, family members, and acquaintances over the phone too (just remember to keep good notes). If you still can’t think of anyone in your larger network, pick the MOST liberal and conservative people you can find. We’re not looking for ‘objectively’ strong liberals or conservatives.

3.  Is the first draft part of the final grade for Essay #1?
Yes. Both the first and final drafts of Media Analysis Essays are evaluated, though you won’t receive a letter grade or points for the first draft. Therefore, the first draft should technically be your ‘best’ draft at the time you submit it. The letter grade and points will be given after the final draft has been graded.

4. But how is the first draft taken into consideration in the grading process? 
We take a holistic approach, to grade the whole writing process from the first to final draft. While your first draft would be the best draft you’ve written at the time of submission, we look at how much revision or improvement you made for your actual final draft. So even if your first draft turns out great, the final grade could be modest, depending on how much substantial revision you make for your final draft. On the other hand, even if your first draft turns out weaker than had expected, your final grade can be as high as (or even higher than) someone with an excellent first draft, but with almost no revision, if you make substantial revision/improvement for your final draft. But of course, a high-A essay would be one that was both quite strong for first draft and has improved even further for the final one.

5. How do I access the journal articles provided for the essay?
If you are accessing them via computers on the campus, the article links should lead you directly to the sources without problem. But if you’re accessing them from off campus, please refer to this document LibrarySearch_AuthSource_2017F.