Short writing #3: Global media systems

This short writing assignment is due Week 6 in section (so from Oct 9 to 12 depending on your section). This writing assignment should conform to the class guidelines for short writings: 500 words, posted to (APA style for in-text citations and references is encouraged but not required).

In Week 5, we are focusing on Global Media Systems and comparing some characteristics of different media systems in the world. For this assignment, you will focus on the Chinese media system. You need to conduct a little research about how news media operate in China, in order to then explain the functioning of its news media system. Build on the chapter you read for this week and maybe consider some additional sources such as:

Reporters without borders:

Freedom House:

A Chinese perspective:

Before writing your essay, consider the following issues:

  • Analyze the four dimensions of the Hallin & Mancini typology that were discussed in class and how they might apply to the Chinese news media system.
  • Among the three types of media systems proposed by Hallin & Mancini (i.e. the Liberal Model, the Polarized Pluralist Model, and the Democratic Corporatist Model), which type of media systems does China fall into? Or propose a new type if you think China does not fit within their typology.
  • Are there signs of convergence towards the liberal model in China?

In this short writing assignment, we want you to (1) state a thesis on how you would classify the news media system of China; (2) provide evidence to support your thesis based on your analyses of the four dimensions proposed by Hallin & Mancini; and (3) finalize your essay by assessing whether the news media system in China is converging towards a liberal model or towards a different one, and if the later which one would that be.