Short writing #2 Media effects

Look at some of the news coverage (at least two pieces from national outlets) surrounding the alleged Russian election meddling via ad buys on Facebook. In your assignment, describe the type of coverage you are seeing (e.g. hard news, analysis, opinion pieces). Then relate that coverage back to at least one of the media theories that we have been considering in class (cultivation, agenda setting, uses and gratifications, framing or priming). Speculate about how the coverage you are seeing might affect public opinion regarding the past election and the Trump presidency overall. Support your speculations with information from the articles you selected. At the end of your essay provide links to the articles you considered.


In terms of citations: we start to be a little more concerned about formal citations. You should acknowledge where your materials and ideas are coming from, when they are not wholly your own. To cite an article you want to discuss, you might say, “As Entman describes in their article in our reader…”
 If you want to go ahead and start using APA citation style even better.


Your writing assignment should be uploaded to The writing assignment is due in section during the week of Sept 25-29.