Short writing #1: A day in your mediated life

One of this course’s themes is that we inhabit a media society: mediated communications occur in just about all spheres of our lives. A good place to start, therefore, is to become mindful of the great many ways this takes place in our own lives.

In this assignment, your task is to record and reflect on a recent day in your media life: the media you encountered from the time when you first woke up in the morning to when you went to sleep at night. Work through the day in your mind to recall communications large and small. What sorts of media did you encounter–intentionally or unintentionally? How did they affect you? You can choose whether you want to focus on a “typical” day or an unusual day.

Your short writing should be 500 words, and will be turned in to section in Week 2 (in accordance with the short writing assignment guidelines). NOTE: Whereas most assignments will be turned it in to, you should hand in this essay in hard copy because turnitin is not set up for all students yet.

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