Short Writing Assignment #4

Last week, we focused on some of the techniques of political advertising. We learned about some of the ways in which political advertisers learn about their audiences, select targets, and craft messages. Professor Kim also described some of her research on micro-targeting based on large amounts of data collected digitally. (If you would like to learn more about this research, you can do so here:

In your 500-word short writing, reflect on the political advertising you have seen recently. Where do you typically encounter political advertising? (Television? Facebook? Browsing web pages? Radio?) Have there been any political messages that you especially noticed? If so, why?

What about targeting? Have you received any messages that you suspect might have been tailored just for you because of something Facebook, or a web provider knows about you? How do you feel about the sense that you might have been targeted in that way?

Almost all of us saw at least some political ads during the election campaign in 2016; but what about now? Are you still seeing political advertising? If so, in what way is it similar or different from what you were seeing in the fall?

Your writing should conform to the usual short writing assignment guidelines (500 words, uploaded to turnitin by your section time during the week of April 10).