Extra Credit Opportunity #5

The School of Journalism is very lucky to have a major Center for Journalism Ethics as part of our department. Each year, the Center hosts a conference on the ethics of journalism, and this year promises to be a big deal. The topic is Truth and Trust in journalism, and there are several major national figures coming (especially Margaret Sullivan, formerly the NYTimes’ Public Editor, now at the Washington Post).

The conference happens on March 31, which is Friday 3 weeks from today, in the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery building.

You can earn extra credit for attending.

If you would like to attend, you should sign up for one or more sessions you plan to come to. Do that with this link: https://goo.gl/forms/EiG4SDZ1fdXXI87f2

(Don’t use the regular registration link!)

You can sign up to attend as many sessions as you like, but you can only get a total of .5 points of extra credit for attending. As always,  in addition to signing up here, and signing in at your session, write a few sentences about what you saw and heard in your extra credit log to be turned in at the end of the semester.