Short Writing Assignment #3: Advertising with Impact

This short writing assignment is focused on advertising.

Specifically, your job is to identify a recent advertising experience that had a strong impact on you. You can define what strong impact meant: it might have been a good impact that led you to purchase a product. It might have been a bad impact that disgusted you or made you uncomfortable. Maybe it did not lead to a purchase, but made you think differently about something. Or maybe it just stuck with you for reasons that aren’t completely obvious.

And, of course, remember that not all advertising is for products for purpose… you might have seen an ad for a political candidate, or a nonprofit, or an idea (environmentalism, kindness).

In your writing, described how you encountered the ad, including how many times you saw it and in what different ways (TV? Billboard? Radio? Internet?). Then describe the ad itself. What are its features? People? Setting? Music? Words? Then the ad’s impact on you: how you felt, or what you thought, or what you did. Dive into your own conscious and subconscious a little bit, and be descriptive. Finally, what do you think the ad’s purpose was, and did it achieve that purpose with you? Or did it backfire?

Your writing should conform to the usual short writing assignment guidelines (500 words, uploaded to Turnitin by your section time during the week of March 13).